The top 12 after-school activities for kids in Dubai’s newest locations


Parenting is unquestionably a difficult task. If you’re responsible for a toddler or a teenager, it’s even more difficult. Parents are constantly looking for locations to take their children so that they can learn the necessary life skills in today’s global environment. DubaiCodingClub decided to make their search easier by compiling a list of the top 12 new venues for kids in Dubai that offer a diverse range of after-school activities.

While putting together a list of venues, we realized you might already have a category in mind as you search for a place to take your child in Dubai. That got us thinking, and we came up with a five-category list of new venues for kids in Dubai.

If your child is academically minded and shows an interest in issues that are beyond their years, you may have had difficulty finding fun after school activities for kids in Dubai. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our first category, which features three unique new venues for kids in Dubai. You may take your child to one of these unusual after-school activities so that they can learn and grow while having fun.

In Dubai, youngsters can learn about robotics in a fun way.
Consider enrolling your child in a workshop at Fun Robotics in Dubai if your child is particularly interested in science and making things. They offer a variety of courses in addition to robotics, including drones, coding, machines, and more. Your children can also learn how to program robots at their ongoing spring camp, which will end on April 11, 2019. This is without a doubt one of the top after-school activities in Dubai for youngsters.

MK Fencing Academy is a fencing school in Milton Keynes.
Enroll your child in MK Fencing Academy to learn about the Olympic combat sport of fencing. The sport has evolved from traditional swordsmanship used for self-defense and duels. There are three types of fencing: sabre, epee, and foil. In sabre, the player scores by aiming for his opponent’s upper body. In epee, he must target quarter body to score, whereas in foil mode, he can target any body area to score. This sport will improve your child’s tactile skills, agility, competitiveness, discipline, drive, and patience, in addition to self-defense.

Coaching & Consulting on Authenticity
At Authenticity Coaching & Consulting in Al Barsha, you can enroll your child in a tiger training group session. While the name may sound frightening, it is merely a behavioural course that promotes leadership and anti-bullying skills. It also aids in the development of emotional intelligence, which assists your child’s social abilities. This is one of the best new venues for kids in Dubai to gain confidence and develop the skills they’ll need to succeed in the twenty-first century.

The Ballet Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to the
Sign your daughter up for ballet lessons at The Ballet Centre if she dreams of becoming a ballerina. This Dubai dance academy has two locations: one in Jumeirah and the other in Motor City.

Choreography that is diverse
If your youngster enjoys singing, enroll him or her in choreography classes. This prestigious Dubai performing arts school for children offers dance and singing classes. Their LAMDA singing training is highly regarded, and available spaces fill up quickly, so you may need to book ahead of time.

Hayley’s Comet Theatre School is a theatre school run by Hayley.
If your child enjoys theatre, you should consider taking him or her to Hayley’s Comet Theatre School. This is one of Dubai’s best new locations for kids, with a variety of dancing and singing lessons. Dubai Media City is home to this children’s institute.

You can also take your youngster to one of Dubai’s many playdate locations. Playing with other kids can help him or her develop the social skills needed to fit in with the rest of the world.

Palm Playdates
Give your youngster the necessary exposure to help him develop his social skills. Take him to Palm Jumeirah’s Playdates Palm. This is one of the best new locations for kids in Dubai, with a jungle gym maze and a variety of exciting playing activities for your kids to enjoy.

Kidz Venture Daycare and Kids Club
You can also enroll your children at Dubai’s Kidz Venture daycare. This location has a play space for your child as well as a separate nook for parents to meditate with other parents. It also features a children’s nursery that follows the EYFS curriculum. You will need to make a reservation in advance because there are normally just a few seats available.

If your child is hyperactive, enrolling him in a fitness school is a good idea. This would provide him or her with a positive outlet for their energies. You can choose from a variety of sports and fitness facilities for children in Dubai.

It’s Only Football, After All
Enroll your child in this academy’s football classes. They offer qualified trainers that have the necessary skills to properly train your child.

Arabian Surf School
You might also enroll your child in surfing classes at Surf School Arabia if she enjoys the water. They also provide stand-up paddleboarding classes, which will provide your child with an exciting learning experience.

As you can see, Dubai has a number of new kid-friendly attractions. If you have a creative youngster who enjoys making things from scratch, you may take him or her to one of these places in Dubai that teach arts and crafts to children.

Lotus Educational Institute is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to
Enroll your child in the Lotus Educational Institute to introduce him or her to art therapy. This location offers children’s drawing and painting classes. To strengthen their creative abilities, children are offered practice art exercises.

Yadawei Ceramic Studio is a ceramic studio in Yadawei, China.
“Yadawei” is an Arabic word that means “crafted by hand.” This is a pottery and ceramic art studio in Dubai that offers classes. If you enroll your children in Yadawei’s pottery classes, they will be able to hone and explore their skills.

To summarize, these new venues for kids in Dubai offer a variety of exciting learning activities for your child.