According to a poll, nearly half of UAE families purchased additional equipment for remote learning


According to a recent poll by Kaspersky, nearly half of UAE households (41%) with two or more children had to buy or rent additional devices to equip all of their children with the gadgets they needed for online classes.

It’s worth noting that in the United Arab Emirates, 48% of youngsters use cell phones for remote study.

Three out of every four children (71%) had trouble connecting to online lessons on a regular or irregular basis. The majority of children (88%) received assistance from their parents in getting their devices to work. However, 16% of pupils were able to address technical problems on their own.

“The forced switch to remote learning created challenges not only in terms of curriculum mastery, but also in terms of technical issues. Many families had to buy or borrow additional devices from friends or the school if it offered this service, as well as install apps and troubleshoot internet issues on a regular basis. This was challenging for both parents and children “Kaspersky’s Online Child Safety Department is led by Andrey Sidenko.

“However, I’d like to believe that our deep absorption in the online environment will enable us to rethink the old offline learning style and employ more effective digital tools.”

Many students had to install additional programs on their devices in order to stay up with their classes. For instance, 60% began using new video conferencing services, while 48% downloaded interactive simulators and other educational tools. Some parents (26%) felt compelled to begin using a security solution.

Nonetheless, as the need for digital tools grew, so did the price. Cybercriminals continue to pay attention to the educational sector on the Internet. Zoom used to be the most common lure, according to Kaspersky research. This is unsurprising, given that Zoom is the most popular virtual meeting platform, with over 300 million daily attendees.

Moodle came in second place, followed by Google Meet. With the exception of Google Classroom, the number of users who experienced malware masquerading as major online learning/video conference platforms grew.

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a solution that keeps your child safe online no matter what they’re doing — playing, studying, or chatting with friends. It allows parents to see how much time their children spend online and safeguards them from harmful content. Parents can also see their child’s current position, which can be useful if the child arrives home alone from school.


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