61 percent of Dubai parents are more interested in their children’s education as a result of the economic downturn. 


According to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority’s recent survey, three out of five parents in Dubai have been more involved in their children’s education as a result of the pandemic (KHDA).

The KHDA said on Wednesday that 61% of parents were much more involved in their children’s lessons, particularly since the Covid issue drove a change to e-learning.

“Distance learning brought the majority of parents closer to their children’s education than they had ever been before. Many parents were able to observe their kids’ lessons first-hand, giving them a deeper appreciation for teachers and their work during the pandemic,” according to the KHDA.

Almost all of the parents polled — 90 percent — said they were “extremely satisfied” with how schools, the KHDA, and other government agencies handled the pandemic.

“The education community learned a great deal in its response to the challenges presented by the pandemic, especially in areas of student and staff wellbeing; the provision of distance and blended learning; and the key role of educators working from home and school,” said Fatma Belrehif, CEO of Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau at the KHDA.

The report outlined what worked well for teachers, parents, and students throughout the distance learning time, as well as what could have been done better. It also included suggestions for future advancements.

Two-way communication with parents, the adoption of various styles of learning, and the introduction of digital platforms and tools were all successful projects.

Well-being projects, staff support techniques, and assistance for determined students all contributed to the community’s ability to cope with the pandemic scenario.

Top community-beneficial projects

The report also highlighted important activities aimed at assisting parents, teachers, and students. The following are three of them:

>> InThisTogetherDubai
A virtual gift bag chock-full of tools to help inspire interest in both teaching and learning. This site showcases apps, websites, services, and other resources offered by organizations in the UAE and around the world.

>> WhatWorksX
Online sessions where teachers and principals got to share what’s working at their schools during the distance learning period.

>> Free workshops
Experts taught parents how to raise their children in a favorable way.